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Lila's Studio

Lila's Studio is acompany that designs and retails original Cross-Stitch Patterns. This company comprises of me, sole poprietor, author and designer of  Lila's Studio.

I am very excited to launch this company this year 2009 with my husband's encouragement and support.

I am forever greatful to my husband, Scott and to my sons, Kyle and Ian who have been my design critic and fans.


My thanks to Carolyn of the "Just Cross Stitch" needlework store( Lederach,PA),who has not only had been my source of needlework supplies, but has also framed beautifully most of my work with love and care. She has shared with me a bounty of tips and tricks of the trade and she herself is an avid and talented stitcher.

Check out Carolyn's Blogspot at:


Check also:  Veronica's: Veronica has been finishing a couple of Christmas ornaments that I had designed this year. She also finished a scissor fob and a pouch which are coordinating pieces to a "Best Friends" sampler, among others. She has a very impressive portfolio of her work and  will be my source for finishing some of my work.

She has created numerous finishes  for other Designers including some SYHO( Stitch Your Heart Out) pieces and many other clients.








Design and Rendering for Holy Spirit Hospital, Camphill, PA




For the majority of my career life, I had worked as an Architect for an Architectural firm in Philadelphia that specializes in Hospital and Medical facilities design. I have had rich architectural work experience and especially, I have been involved in most of the design aspect and construction documentation of various projects.Prior to this, I had worked for two other firms as a draftsperson while continuing my studies at Drexel University Evening College in Philadelphia.


During my full time working life, cross stitching was one of my favorite hobbies that I always enjoyed and looked forward to at the end of the day. It has become my escape and past time activity which I did incessantly. My love for stitching, drawing,my visits to museums, attending art workshops among other things has inspired me to design my own charts. It has taken me a while to build my portfolio being a busy Mom and working full time. Being a stay-home mom now has allowed me to pursue my business while tending to my family's needs.

I am constantly coming up with ideas and charting them and hopefully I can catch up with stitching as my library of charts is piling up. I am hoping to share and deliver more of these designs in the years to come.



Read more about "Lila's Studio"s, a featured designer in the March/April 2011 of the "Just Cross Stitch" magazine.

Best Friends

"Best Friends" is featured in the  March/April 2011 of the "Just Cross Stitch" magazine.

Published work in the July 2006 issue of "Cross-Stitch & Needlework" magazine

"Season of Giving" is a Christmas ornamnet published in the "Christmas Ornament 2011" issue by the "Just Cross Stitch" magazine.

Thank you to my family for their love and support. 2015

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Note: If you are stitching the "Let Freedom Ring" sampler, please read the Notes and the Q&A in the "News" section.


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