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Summer Quaker Correction.    March 27, 2024


The spacing between the seaweed leaf border has been fixed to have an eaqual spacing along 110-120 along the 217 graph. It was charted as 5 spaces in between but has been changed to 4 spaces to be consistent with the others on the border.

See PDF attachment below for your use.

If you have stitched as has been charted, it does not really affect the design.

Thank you for stitching this sampler!


Summer Quaker Pattern_Page8.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [101.0 KB]

FREE CHART! Flag Bearer is a free chart for your use. The stitch size is the same as the Spring Parade series. You can choose any fabric color and count of your choosing. I used a leftover 40 ct. fabric and do not know what it is. Enjoy !                                                                                         March 19, 2024

Spring Parade_Flag Bearer.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [510.6 KB]

Correction on Summer Quaker                                     June 20, 2023


The correction is for the seaweed leaf border that frames the center of the sampler. The 2 leaves and what is supposed to be 11 cross stitches across the top, just below the word "sunshine" has been revised.

If you have started stitching the border from the left, you can continue and it will not affect much when you reach the corner right.

Just keep in mind to stitch 11 cross stitches or to be consistent all across.

I apologize for the error.

Thank you for choosing this sampler to stitch!

See PDF below of pages 1 and 2 for your use.

Summer Quaker_ Page 1and2.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [102.7 KB]

March 13, 2023


Correction on Summer Quaker.

There are symbols on Page 12 , (encircled in orange) that should not be on the chart. It was inadvertenly added before the chart was converted to a PDF for printing.

The new batch of prints will be corrected.


Finish size correction: The finish size for 40 count is

13-1/4"w x 10-3/4"h. The what is supposed to be 10-3/4" was a typing error.

March 31, 2022


Correction on Maria Decompadri. The DMC color listed as 505 should be DMC 504 ; Vy. Light Blue Green used on the Lt. blue flowers on the border and on the lady's dress.

Ellen Bullifent 1881.                           March 23, 2022

Note:  On the DMC conversion, the color 898 is used twice. I haven't found a close match to the Au Ver a Soie 100.3  318. It is close to the 100.3 508 except it has a bit more of a red tint. I will leave it as DMC 898 for now.

The flowers on the left vase was stitched in the Coral color, but should be stitched just like on the right vase with AVAS 100.3 542 or DMC 780. The flower was mistakenly stitched with the Coral color but was not corrected with the time constraints to get it released. The chart is correct. You can look at the antique sampler photo on the Info page.

I actually like it stitched with a different color. It makes it not too symetrical. You can choose to stitch it either way.

Correction on Spring Quaker           March 16, 2022


The flower on page 4 has somehow been omitted from the Pattern and not shown on the chart. The carrot and part of the butterfly on Page 9 was not also shown on the chart. See PDF pages 4 and 9 below avialable to download for your use.

The thread used for the flower or the missing symbol is DMC 352

Spring Quaker_Page 4
Spring Quaker_Page 4.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [93.6 KB]
Spring Quaker_Page 9.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [93.3 KB]

Instructions on how to stitch Spring Parades 1 or 2 as one.       March 15, 2022

Spring Parades 1 and 2.

To stitch the 4 cars together as one sampler, use the base; the light green and the "triangle" dark green as a guide to count for where the next car starts. 

Splice the 4 patterns together and overlap the vertical border. The green base will be a continuous pattern with the "Triangle"(dark green in 3 stitches) as your guide to count the stitches. Start stitching the wheels first to locate where the next car will be.

The chart for the ornaments are taken from the long layout. 3 count of cross stitches from the vertical borders were not stitched on each side to end the base.

Correction on the long layout: The base with the light and dark green should end where the green of the carrot ends.

October 5, 2021

Au Ver a Soie/ Soie 100/3
3 sheets of AVAS 100/3 list to be printed and use to label drawers. Print in Landscape.
Soie 100 3 A.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [164.2 KB]

Organizing AVAS 100/3. I used 4 stackable Sorbus acrylic makeup cases. Each case has 4 drawers and each drawer holds 20 spools. Size of the case is 9.25"x 5.3 x 7.8"

Print the PDF list in Landscape. Cut them in strips as labeled 1, 2, 3, etc. and attach the strip with 2 sided tape on the front of the drawer, just above the handle.

A blank 3rd sheet is provided to allow for new additional colors.

I suggest to print the "Order Form" for AVAS 100/3 from the Acces Commodities website to get the most recent list of threads for this line

March 18, 2021

Correction on Season's Blessings 2. The symbol on the bird's chest/ belly had the wrong symbol that did not match the symbol legend.

The photo with the swirly symbol for 12 Grain is the correct symbol.

A small batch of these charts are out on the market. The next batch of prints will have this correction.

Correction for "Bless Us".

The chart and the model did not have the word "thy". It should say, "and these thy gifts".

The PDF of pages 1 and 2 will include "thy" on the chart and some adjustments on the placing of the letterings. 

You are welcome to print these pages if you choose to stitch with the correction.

Bless Us_12.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [173.6 KB]

"Tomato" is a Free chart. See PDF files and photos below to download.

The model is stitched on a 40 count Sand by Picture This Plus.

 A Khaki colored fabric is a suggested option.

Total stitch count is 55w x 55h. This is suitable to stitch on an Aida fabric.

Disregard the "20" that is noted on the chart. It is a stitch program issue that defaults to certain numbers of fabric count.

Feel free to use your own thread colors. Enjoy!

Adobe Acrobat document [75.3 KB]

Holiday Quaker.

Note: The swirl below "Joy To The World" was stitched using DMC Baby Blue, but I decided to change it to White (B5200) in the chart for contrast. You can make this your option of using either color.

August 28, 2018

Floss List for Sirena.

Correction: The color of the mermaid's skin is DMC 842 which needs to be added in the earlier print release. The Saltwater Taffy (x symbol) still applies to the starfish and the jelly fish as shown on the chart.

Please use this current list. I will update the chart and the list for future prints. (Click on the photo)

July 11, 2018

Please use this updated motif . This has been updated in the current printed charts.

Additional notes: "W" stands for Witch, "H" stands for Halloween on the sampler. You can choose to use your own letters or motifs in their place.



Halloween Quaker
Revision on the Spider motif.
Halloween Quaker_Spider.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [23.8 KB]

Feb. 18, 2018  Re: Holiday Quaker

Please use or print Page 8 (see PDF file below) which is the last page or the back of the chart. The first run of prints has a type O on the finished size.

I also updated the symbols graphics so that they are easier to read. The original had gray backround which makes it a little diffcult to read the symbols.

I apologize for the error and for the inconvenience.

The next run of prints will have this updated Page.

Thank you for choosing this sampler to stitch!


Holiday Quaker_2Page8.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [376.3 KB]

Oct. 19, 2017


Halloween Quaker

There has been a request for a DMC conversion on this sampler. Please see the list below.

Also, I have charted two different motifs in place of the Spider motif as requested by a customer. I understand the fear of spiders or Arachnophobia. I will make the PDF pages available to you if you have this chart. Please send me an email : or

There were some 150 charts that were sent out that weren't the best of quality of print. The grid lines were too light. I will be happy to replace  them. Just send me an email and a proof of purchase of this sampler.


DMC equivalent. See note below.
When stitching with 2 strands, combine 1 each strand of the 2 color floss, when using 1 strand, go by the first color which is the more dominant color on the conversion.

Bamboo:  DMC3865
Lobster Claw: DMC 721/720
Honeycomb: DMC 676/3820
Blackbird: DMC 3371
Smoke:     DMC 3799/161
Black Coffee: DMC310/844
Rainy Day :  DMC 550
Frogs legs:  DMC 165
Sassy Brass:DMC 782/783

Sept. 19, 2017

The new release, "Halloween Quaker" is on it's way to your Local Needlework store! Check with your LNS for availability.

Note: Some of the charts that were sent out did not have the note to the right of the Alphabet chart. For some reason, they were not printed as an edited note on the PDF. New shipments as of Sept. 19 will have the corrected sheet. (Click on photo to read).

Let Freedom Ring Correction and Updates

 August 16, 2017. Please see photo of the updated bird and diamond motifs. The current chart (Page 2) does not match what is stitched on the model.Add the same diamond motif to the right of the bird on the right. See  PDF file below.


See also Page 6 below. As a reminder, all the windows should be stitched the same way. The mullions on some windows are not shown on the chart to show the  symbol behind it. All the window mullions are to be stitched in backstitches. Please read the Instructions on Page 16.

Print the following pages to update your chart.

Page 2 with updated chart on the bird and diamond motif.
Adobe Acrobat document [20.5 KB]
Page 6
Correction on the dot symbol (DMC 3781) along 154 on the chart. There are 4 dots in between the windows.This is charted correctly on Page 10 which is the wing building on the right.
Adobe Acrobat document [21.2 KB]

Q & A on the Let Freedom Ring Sampler. I am sharing some questions brought up to me on this sampler.   June 2017

1. Q:"The directions call for 413 on the building, does that include the weather vane all the way down to the area where the clock is too?" Is 3790 used some place as backstitching?

  A: Yes, from the weather vane to all the outline on the tower. Go by the notes on the backstitching. I must have forgotten to change a 3790 backstitching to the 413 in some areas.


2. Q: "How many skeins of  DMC do I need for each color listed?"

    A : On a 14 count, you will need 2 skeins of DMC 3781 and 3866. All others, 1 skein each. The 14 count is the lower count scenario.


3. On page 4, Top ribbon border. Between 250 to 260 (row 1-10) The symbol "2" should be the "arch" symbol. All colors, symbols should be consistent all across.


4. Time on the Clock. Q: " I was wondering if the time on the clock has any historical significance?

   A: The 7:20 time stands for 7, as in July, the 7th month, and 20 is on 4, for 4th of July. You can stitch any time that you would like or that is significant to you.


Notes and Corrections on the "Let Freedom Ring" Sampler.  April 14, 2017

Note on Backstitching for DMC 3866.

Use DMC 3866 as noted on the instructions; for all the window mullions.

I forgot to add the white that you see to the right or left of the row of windows on the main building is the downspout. Use 1 strand over 2 after you finish the cross stitches. Backstitch as shown on the chart.

March 2017


Materials and Floss list for the "Let Freedom Ring" chart.


Alphabet for "Birth Sampler"
Customize your sampler. Use the Alphabet chart for the child's name. Cross stitch using 1 strand of floss over 1 fabric count.
Alphabet Birth Sampler B.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [27.2 KB]
Alphabet for Birth Sampler 2
Alphabet Birth Sampler A.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [33.7 KB]

Join Your Hands II - Correction

Jan.10, 2013

A note on "A Contented Stitcher"

"A Contented Stitcher" has been out for release and distribution. If you have this chart, I just want to make you aware that some texts were omitted (page 2) on the print. There is a "Note" on the number of skeins needed; 2 of "Freedom" and 1 skein each for the rests. The other note is to inform you that this is the enlarged chart for the Alphabet sampler which is stitched one over one.

See red rectangle on the page. These will be updated in the next printing.

July 15, 2012

Witch's Brew & Old Witch Mary

New Release! Witch's Brew and Old Witch Mary will be available for sale by mid to end of July 2012.

Note: I used DMC310 (Black) on the silhouette of the witches on "Witch's Brew" and used Gentle Arts;Onyx on the witch of "Old Witch Mary". If you are going to stitch both designs, I would recommend to use use either the DMC black or the Onyx on the witches on both projects. The DMC black is a more intense solid black, while the Onyx has some gray tones.

May 31, 2012

"With The Needle" correction update.

This is a correction on the first page of "With the Needle" chart. The outline of the bird's wing was not shown. See correction on this page. The floss color of the wing outline in cross stitches is DMC 169 (black triangle).

Email me if you would like a new copy of this page. I can email the page to you in PDF format or send you a paper copy.

May 2, 2012

"A Mother's Love" is stitched on a 40ct. Newcastle White. Stitched design size is 134w x 130h (6-5/8w" x 6-1/2"h). Floss used are by Gentle Arts Sampler and GA Shaker. DMC floss equivalent is available.



Correction on Floss list for DMC only.

See revised color chart below for the DMC equivalent. These colors are a closer match to the Gentle Arts floss used. This was revised as of May 16, 2012.

The following changes are for the DMC floss only; from 470 change to 3013, from 334 to 161,from  340 to 156, from  422 to 3782.


April 6, 2012

We just joined Facebook! Look up "LilasStudio" and leave a note, posts photos of your projects, ask a question, or just "like" us!  Stop by and join in a conversation. Hope to see you there!

March 17, 2012

With the Needle

See floss list used for "With the Needle". See image below.

Floss list for "With the Needle"

"Bless This House"

March 19, 2012


See list of DMC floss conversion.

This information has not been shown on earlier printed charts.

Bless This House

Sept. 27, 2011

"Season of Giving" is a cross stitched ornament featured in the "Christmas Ornaments" of the "Just Cross Stitch" magazine, 2011 Christmas issue. See page 64 and page 66 for the chart. This is a special annual Christmas issue with lots of fun designs from various cross stitch designers.

Stitch count on this ornament is 57h x 58w (3 5/8" x 3 5/8") stitched on a 32ct. Waterlily linen from Wichelt Imports. Embroidery floss is by Weeks Dye Works.

April 16, 2011

"Trunk Show" at the "Just Cross Stitch" Store 2011

Despite the rainy and depressing day, some ladies braved the storm and came to the Trunk Show to see the models on display of my work, purchased some charts and came to greet me.

Thank you to the ladies for their support and kind words. My thanks  to Carolyn, owner of the "Just Cross stitch" store who hosted the show and did a wonderful display of my work.

Of course, my thanks also to Dinah; my sister who created a beautiful cookie mold for the occassion. She carved the "Fraktur Bird I" which is my logo, to make the mold for the cookie, baked the cookies and painted each cookie so beautifully. They are just too pretty to eat!

My little one, Ian was also my support. He hang out with me for the afternoon, greeted some guests, did a lot of sketches and shared ideas for what could be my next project. Thanks, Ian.


April 20, 2011

March 2011

Best Friends

Read more about "Lila's Studio" in the March/April 2011 issue of the "Just CrossStitch" magazine.

Also, "Best Friends" is a fun project that could be finished in three different ways is also featured in this issue.



Corrections 2010

Alphabet for "Birth Sampler"
Use this Alphabet chart to customize your child's name on your sampler.
Birth Sampler Alphabet 1.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [26.8 KB]
DMC Floss conversion for "Easter Sampler" and "Halloween"
Please feel free to print a list of floss conversion, from Weeks floss to DMC floss.
Easter Floss DMC conversion.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [1.8 MB]
Flower Patch

If you had purchased the "Flower Patch" chart(earlier print), you will notice that one symbol in a light green color has no correspinding floss number on the chart. The floss for this symbol is by Weeks Dye Works: 2196 Scuppernong.


See Alphabet chart below for "Fraktur Bird Welcome".

Charts that were sent out earlier in June did not have this page included in the chart. Feel free to print this page for your use, or if you prefer for me to send you a print, contact me and I will send you a print free of charge.

On the model, the middle initial is the initial of my last name. The initial above and below it are my and my husband's first name initial. You can also choose just to put your initial.

Fraktur Bird Welcome

Updated Charts

The following are revised charts that have been corrected. Please feel free to download and print the chart that you need. If you are not able to open the PDF files, contact me to request for prints. I will send them to you free of charge.

Alphabet for "Fraktur Bird Welcome"
See Alphabet chart for "Fraktur Bird Welcome" to customize your sampler.
Fraktur Bird Welcome Alphabet.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [167.5 KB]
Alphabet Sampler I
Revision: See Pages 3 & 4 to complete your "Alphabet Sampler I".
Alphabet Sampler 1 (Page 3and4).pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [33.3 KB]

Note: Previous charts of the "Alphabet Sampler I" sent out in May and June did not include the flower motif at the bottom of the chart. The total height stitch count to include the flower motif is 227 stitches as suppose to the older print which is 204.

I apologize for the inconvinience. You can also email me to request a copy to mail it to you.

Old McDonald Sampler
The "G-clef" on the chart is shown as black. Use the "Lancaster Red" instead.
The "moo-moo" texts was not on the original chart. See updated chart.
Old McDonald Sampler (C).pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [49.0 KB]

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